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Your perfect getaway begins with luxury accomodations in the heart of the city of light, Paris. Everyone finds something to love from the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre, Notre Dame, The Sorbonne, The Statue of Liberty Replica, Versailles Palace, dinner cruises around the Seine, the architecture, bridges, restaurants with cuisine for any pallete, theatres, museums, shopping, and a robust night life. Whether you want to relax overlooking Parc Montsouris, refresh the spirit, mind and body at world renown spas, or mingle with bustling crowds you'll find it all at our luxury 5 Star Paris Hotels featuring some of the finest restaurants and shopping found anywhere in the world.

We have identified some of Paris's finest and most luxurious hotels with some of the world's best amenities, restaurants, and spa's in the heart of this great city of romance. Spoil yourself at one of these fine 5 Star Paris Hotels.

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Hotel Du Louvre Is Located In Paris's Louvre - Place Vendome Neighborhood, Close To Palais Royal, Louvre, And Pont Neuf. Nearby Points Of Interest Also Include Musee D'orsay And Paris Opera.

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Champs Elysees Plaza Hotel
L' Hotel de Sers
Hotel De Crillon
Le Meurice Paris - Luxury Hotel

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Latest Travel News from CNN

CNN.com - RSS Channel - App Travel Section

10/15/2019 04:21 PM
From bagels to baguettes, these are 50 of the world's best breads
What is bread? You likely don't have to think for long, and whether you're hungry for a slice of sourdough or craving some tortillas, what you imagine says a lot about where you're from.

10/16/2019 01:55 AM
Retired 747 to test radical new jet engines
A 20-year-old passenger airplane has been recruited by Rolls-Royce to test its radical new UltraFan jet engine, which the company believes could revolutionize aviation in coming years.

10/16/2019 09:51 AM
Czech Republic's Sedlec Ossuary, aka 'Church of Bones,' to ban selfies
The Sedlec Ossuary chapel in the Czech Republic town of Kutná Hora has become the latest attraction to clamp down on photography.

10/15/2019 07:59 PM
Record melting sees Swiss glaciers shrink 10% in five years
Glaciers in Switzerland have shrunk 10% in the past five years, a rate that has never been seen before in over a century of observations, according to new research published Tuesday.

10/16/2019 10:33 AM
Hotel opening on the grounds of Versailles
Visitors to France's magnificent Château de Versailles won't have far to go to spend the night in regal style come spring 2020.

10/17/2019 02:55 AM
Microsoft Flight Simulator through the ages
As fans await the Microsoft Flight Simulator reboot coming in 2020, we look back at the evolution of the beloved PC-based game, from 1982 to now

10/15/2019 01:27 PM
Porsche drivers stuck after Google Maps error
Visitors flock to Sardinia's Ogliastra coastline for the unspoiled beaches at the foot of cliffs. But hundreds are getting stuck on unpassable mountain tracks when they follow Google Maps

10/15/2019 09:23 AM
The world's longest-running airlines
When we hear that an industry is celebrating its 100th anniversary, images of the industrial revolution might spring to mind, with its coal-powered steam machines, railways and chimneys.

03/15/2018 03:43 AM
Fall in love with Dublin in 1.5 minutes
Let Ireland's capital charm you with its dramatic seascapes, stunning buildings and vibrant nightlife.

10/11/2019 02:02 AM
Allergy horror stories from 35,000 feet
Food allergy sufferers say they are often harassed or even bullied over the restrictions they ask for while traveling on airplanes. But their disease is all too real -- these are their horror stories.

Latest Travel News from USA Today

GANNETT Syndication Service

10/18/2019 06:54 AM
Kate 'hugely grateful' for crew after plane incident: 'It was pretty bumpy up there'
Fierce lightning prevented Prince William and Duchess Kate's jet from landing but otherwise it was a busy Day 4 in Pakistan for Prince Will and Kate.

10/18/2019 04:47 AM
Doing it for the 'gram? Royal Caribbean says no to that, bans guests for life
Doing it for the 'gram? Royal Caribbean Cruises doesn't seem to think that's a good idea, particularly when it's dangerous.

09/30/2019 07:09 AM
Yum! The most talked-about dishes at USA TODAY and IndyStar's Wine & Food Experience
If you thought the IndyStar eats sound great, there are more USA TODAY Wine & Food Experiences this fall in Cincinnati, Louisville and Chicago.

10/17/2019 08:12 AM
5-year-old's wishes come true with help from Allegiant Air, Make-A-Wish Foundation
5-year-old S.J. Awwad lived out a dream on his flight to Disney World.

10/09/2019 04:30 AM
Cruise packing list: Essential clothing and gear by destination
Cruise Critic explains cruise ship dress codes and offers suggestions on what clothing, shoes and gear to pack based on destination.

10/08/2019 03:00 AM
Goodyear Blimp: Airbnb listing available for a limited time. See inside
You can sleep in a Goodyear Blimp in Ohio by booking it on Airbnb.

10/04/2019 06:50 AM
26 countries the US government warns against traveling to
These countries all have Level 4 (do not travel) or Level 3 (reconsider travel) warnings from the U.S. State Department. Find out why.

10/08/2019 08:43 AM
Disgusting Food Museum: Food so gross you have to try it
The Disgusting Food Museum exhibition traveled to France and is headed to Las Vegas to showcase gross food.

10/05/2019 03:14 PM
GALLERY: Cincinnati Wine and Food Experience, Oct. 5
The Cincinnati Wine and Food Experience at Sawyer Point, Saturday Oct. 5.

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GANNETT Syndication Service

10/16/2019 05:01 PM
The new Mile Cry Club: Flyers bemoan AirPods lost on a plane
Travelers who lose or forget AirPods on a plane often don't see them again because they are hard to find and not easily identifiable.

09/27/2019 10:32 AM
Ever wondered why overhead oxygen bags on airplanes don't inflate? Here's the reason why
You probably haven't thought twice about the overhead oxygen bags on airplanes. Here's why you should.

09/16/2019 11:49 AM
The world's busiest airports in 2018, ranked
When you go the airport, you're probably used to being around a lot of people. But which airports have the most passenger traffic?

08/22/2019 04:49 AM
World's 25 longest airline flights - 2018
Grab your compression socks: These are the world's longest long-haul flights.

08/08/2019 10:02 AM
August aviation photos: Plane spotting around the world
Go plane-spotting around the world with this collection of aviation photos from Augus, including test flights and retro British Airways liveries.

07/12/2019 05:58 AM
35 passengers injured on Air Canada flight heading to Australia
Dozens of passengers were injured on an Air Canada flight from Canada to Australia on Thursday morning.

07/11/2019 03:20 PM
Sun Country Airlines apologizes to mom after she had to pay $75 to sit with her toddler
The mom and her toddler were flying from Providence, Rhode Island, to San Diego with a Minneapolis layover.

07/10/2019 02:55 PM
Southwest updates safety information cards to avoid Boeing 737 Max confusion
Southwest has stopped using combined safety information cards following the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft due to fatal crashes.

07/08/2019 12:57 PM
Catching z's on a long flight? These US airlines provide amenity kits to help flyers relax
United, American, Delta, Hawaiian and JetBlue offer amenity kits that come with items like eye masks, dental kits, lip balm and lotions

06/28/2019 03:55 PM
Miranda Lambert, Mookie Betts and TSA PreCheck: Sign up at music fests, Red Sox games
The TSA is trying to boost enrollment by offering sign-ups at nontraditional venues.

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GANNETT Syndication Service

10/14/2019 04:08 PM
'Very dangerous situation': Two dead, one still missing after Hard Rock hotel collapse
Two people were killed and 19 injured Saturday when a Hard Rock Hotel construction project in New Orleans collapsed. At least one person is missing.

10/13/2019 08:05 AM
Hard Rock hotel construction collapses in New Orleans; 2 dead, 1 missing
The construction of a Hard Rock hotel on Canal Street collapsed Saturday morning in New Orleans. You can watch the harrowing moments here.

10/15/2019 07:46 PM
Caribbean hotels with the best free perks
These days, gratis add-ons are as much a part of a vacation as a chaise on the beach or cocktails at sunset.

10/15/2019 07:45 PM
Hotels with benefits: The best Caribbean resort free perks from paddleboarding to shows
Check out our list of Caribbean resort perks and pick your favorites from dance lessons and cooking classes to garden tours and meetings with goats.

10/11/2019 11:58 AM
The Chase Sapphire Preferred card is the best credit card for travelers
Everything you need to know about the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, from the points and perks to all the drawbacks. Honest review from Reviewed.

10/11/2019 09:12 AM
For travelers, The Platinum Card from American Express is worth the hype
The benefits, perks, and points make this one of the premier travel cards on the market. If you travel often, this card can make life easier.

10/15/2019 09:35 AM
The new norm in Las Vegas resort fees? $50 a night at top hotels
The nightly resort fee at Caesars Palace is going from $39 to $45. With taxes, the total tops $50. The fee is also increasing at two other hotels.

10/10/2019 06:24 AM
California bans hotels from using tiny plastic bottles
The ban takes effect in 2023 for hotels with more than 50 rooms and 2024 for hotels with less than 50 rooms.

10/09/2019 03:39 PM
Guest who says DoubleTree hotel ousted him for 'calling his mother while black' sues for $10M
Jermaine Massey says he was racially profiled and ousted from a DoubleTree hotel in Oregon after making a call on his cellphone in the lobby.

10/09/2019 12:06 PM
Congress takes on 'hidden fees' at hotels and resorts. Here's what it could mean for travelers
New legislation proposed in the House of Representatives would force companies to more accurately reflect the price of hotel rooms.

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GANNETT Syndication Service

10/17/2019 07:37 AM
Photos: Check out some of Southwest Florida's prettiest birds
Searching for birds? Here are some of Southwest Florida's prettiest.

10/17/2019 06:36 AM
Beautiful fall foliage around the world in 2019
Vibrant reds, oranges and yellows shine as trees' colors change in the fall months. Check out the best autumn views of 2019.

10/17/2019 05:03 AM
Everything you need to know if you're traveling through SFO
Here's what you need to know about flying through San Francisco International Airport, from where to eat to where your pet can relieve itself.

10/17/2019 04:45 AM
AAA's top 10 international travel destinations, from Rome to Cancun to Vancouver
These are the top international travel destinations, based on AAA Travel bookings for trips over the next 18 months.

10/16/2019 10:30 AM
Why you should take the stairs at the Eiffel Tower, the Reichstag and Italy's cathedrals
From church domes to bell towers, fanciful rooftops to sky-piercing monuments, Europe is full of climbable structures.

10/16/2019 08:18 AM
Explore favorite European destinations with Rick Steves
Rick Steves shares his candid opinions on the best destinations in Europe.

10/16/2019 08:14 AM
Honey Road: Try out quaint Mediterranean cuisine in Burlington, Vermont
Honey Road offers an eastern Mediterranean experience in Burlington, Vermont. Check out new eats in the college town.

10/15/2019 07:44 PM
From the Space Coast to the Emerald Coast: Here's how each Florida 'coast' got its name
In the Sunshine State, all 8,436 miles of coastline are neatly packaged into 10 specially named "coasts."

10/15/2019 06:58 AM
The most expensive month to visit all 50 states
Expect to spend more to visit Michigan in January, Kentucky in May, Maine in August, California in July and a whole bunch of states in December.

10/11/2019 11:58 AM
The Chase Sapphire Preferred card is the best credit card for travelers
Everything you need to know about the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, from the points and perks to all the drawbacks. Honest review from Reviewed.

Top Of USA Today Section


Latest Travel News from the New York Times

NYT > Travel

10/18/2019 02:00 AM
Sisters, Brothers, Travel, Fun
Sometimes it takes a long-haul flight and a 12-hour time difference to bond with the person with whom you once shared a bunk bed — or tattled on.
10/18/2019 03:51 AM
36 Hours in Yokohama
Rugby and Olympics fans have a good reason to visit the second-largest city in Japan, as do those in search of gardens, temples and the largest Chinatown in the country.
10/17/2019 02:00 AM
Wheels Up on More Flights to the African Continent
New nonstop flights are dramatically cutting travel time and linking more African cities to the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.
10/16/2019 02:00 AM
41 Days, 26 Shows, 10 Countries: A Rock Tour Diary
Inside the bubble of a band’s tour, continuity is everything and happiness is relative, writes the guitarist for Tears for Fears.
10/16/2019 09:44 AM
PreCheck, Global Entry or Clear? How to Get Through Airport Lines Faster
Spend less time in line and more time, well, anywhere other than the airport, with these apps and government programs.
10/14/2019 12:37 PM
Jane Smiley on What St. Louis Tells Us About America
The author finds her hometown perhaps the most enlightening spot in America for exploring what America really is.
10/16/2019 06:29 AM
Lions, Legends and the Pull of History in Senegal’s Energetic Capital

10/10/2019 10:07 AM
Up for Auction: Snapshots of Jackie Kennedy in India and Pakistan
Photographs of the first lady and her sister, Lee Radziwill, are among the items up for sale next week at an auction at Christie’s.
10/09/2019 01:17 PM
Forged by Volcanoes, Kamchatka Offers Majestic, Magnetic Wilds
Roaming bears hunt wild Pacific salmon among alpine meadows on this Russian peninsula, a compact, volcanic Eden.
10/17/2019 10:18 PM
‘Contemplate, Then Capture’: Readers on Staying in the Moment While Traveling

10/17/2019 03:28 PM
MoMA’s Art Treasure, No Longer Buried
The riches of the collection extend to its inaugural exhibitions. Give the curators an A+ for effort — and wait. This is just the beginning.
10/17/2019 08:20 PM
Braving MoMA: What to Know Before You Enter
The museum is bigger and more demanding, but there’s more fun, and a sense of serendipity.
10/17/2019 07:41 AM
Taking Ayahuasca When You’re a Senior Citizen
Some older adults are dabbling in this powerful psychedelic, which is mostly illegal in the United States.
10/17/2019 08:19 PM
A Scotch Maker’s Challenge: First Brexit. Now Tariffs.
The 25 percent U.S. tariffs to be imposed Friday are causing headaches for single malt distilleries, already struggling with Brexit.
10/16/2019 05:37 PM
This Is the Free Jumpsuit You’ll Get With a $250,000 Ticket to Space
Virgin Galactic’s space tourists will wear the outfits, which would look at home on the bridge of the starship Enterprise.

Top Of New York Times Section


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